Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amazon.com: Akethan's review of Satyrday

"Keep a leash on your runaway tongue..." Meet the hero of this story: Deirdre - bravest of the ravens. She steers the course of this story and changes every character's path. I loved this book as a kid and in moving through my old boxes, gave it a re-reading. It's aged beautifully. Reading it now, I thought a lot of the "Guardians of Ga'Hoole" which I've loved as well, although that is a much more recent tale. From the outset with the Owl's ballsy kidnapping of the dreaming moon all the way through the terrifying muck of the endless swamps and dead forests - beautiful, succinct writing. I especially loved the play between the satyr, Matthew and both his charge, the human, Derin, and the silver fox/nymph, Vera. But it's the raven, Deirdre, whose determination, focus and sense of what will be lost if the Owl prevails that captures my heart. She never stops pressing for the freedom of each and every creature in the world. Again and again and again - she puts all others above herself. To quote the moon, "I have learned about humility and bravery. ... I have learned that there are creatures in this world who care about something other than themselves." Spellbinding.